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Thread via @ianmSC:

Four US states are 3+ weeks removed from lifting their statewide or county level mask mandates.

Not one has seen an increase in Covid hospitalizations since.

Given what we’ve been told by experts about the importance of masks & mandates, would you think that should be possible?




I myself am extremely confused, since I’ve heard it said by many, many experts and politicians that masks are the most important public health tool, that mask mandates are effective, that they’re a “game-changing scientific breakthrough”, that they’re like a vaccine, etc.

I’ve been told that masks are science. They’re incontrovertible science. Inarguable science. Questioning how important or effective they are is equivalent to questioning gravity. Experts have said they work. And we must always trust the experts and Believe in Science™

As this Atlanta paper points out, the greatest crime anyone can commit is ignoring experts. Experts are infallible and MUST be listened to

Oh what’s that? The entire region followed the same curves regardless of interventions or expert following? Irrelevant! Follow them. Always.

[And] If you were wondering how it’s going in Germany since they mandated “more effective” medical grade masks, on 2/3 they were averaging 10,930 new cases per day. Today it’s 14,416, or a 32% increase.

But remember! Masks are a “game changing scientific breakthrough”, says science

That’s right everyone, we should be “popping the champagne”! Masks are a crucial way to help “prevent the spread of the pandemic”!

It’s science!


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