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Americans come from different states and each state has it’s own history, geography, and human tragedies as well as triumphs. In Louisiana, David Duke’s interest in showing the white race as coming under attack from other races has poisoned that state’s politics for years. Any racial animus should never be tolerated in a politician from anywhere at any time, and though some have written scathing rebukes of Steve Scalise for talking tax policy to a group of would-be white supremacists twelve years ago while he was a state representative, he does not deserve what is about to happen to him.

The left has successfully planted enough stories and innuendo in the press that it will be impossible for the leadership of the House to ignore. If they stand by him, and say he’s not a racist, this will hang over the entire House and soon you will read, “the white supremacist House” in slipshod so-called news sites across the internet. They will have to make him step down and they will pick another Majority Whip.

It doesn’t matter that Scalise has been defended by a black fellow congressman, the governor of the state, and so many colleagues, the left has successfully, in less than a day and a half, poisoned the House leadership’s racial integrity.

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