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People applying for San Francisco’s new transgender low-income scheme must choose between more than 130 genders, pronouns and sexualities.

The Democrat-run city is the second in America to offer targeted benefits specifically for residents who are transgender and make less than $600 a month.

Those who want to apply for the guaranteed $1,200-a-month package can fill out a 10-page form online which asks about contact details, income and social security.

But they are also invited to choose between 97 genders, 18 pronouns and 19 options for sexual orientation and told to ‘check all that apply’.

Among the options listed are ‘xenogender’ – a gender ‘beyond human understanding’ – and ‘genderf*** — someone who purposefully sends mixed messages about their sex.

‘Novigender’, which refers to someone who believes their gender identity is so complex it cannot be described using existing categories, is also an option. Also an option is ‘FTX’, which stands for ‘female-to-eXpansive’ — a person assigned female at birth who identifies as non-binary.

Pronoun options include traditional terms like ‘he’, ‘him’ and ‘her’, but there are obscure gender-neutral choices like ‘zie’, ‘zim’ and ‘xe’ or ‘xyrs’.

Meanwhile, possible sexual orientations listed include ‘heterosexual’, ‘homosexual’, ‘same-gender loving’ and ‘BDSM/kink’ – as well as the derogatory term ‘f*****’.

Jay Richards, from the right-wing Heritage Foundation, told ‘Gender ideology is overrunning our culture, and vastly amplifying the number of minors and adults who suffer from gender dysphoria and gender confusion.’

He said: ‘Expect a growing population of needy, indigent people in San Francisco presenting as transgender.’

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