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Just some more of that Free Speech Activity that Merrick Garland says that people on the extreme left, and only people on the extreme left, are entitled to.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed and the city’s board of supervisors were forced to retreat inside after a meeting they attempted to hold in a notorious open-air drug market was disrupted by jeers, shouting and a woman who hurled a brick into the crowd, according to a report.

A woman? Well this is a Murdoch paper. They respect transgenders’ gender assertions.

On Tuesday, city leaders decided to hold the meeting outdoors in United Nations Plaza to highlight problems plaguing the area — including surging fentanyl overdoses — and to discuss potential solutions, KRON4 reported.Breed and Supervisor Aaron Peskin took to the podium and proclaimed the city has been tolerating “illegal, out-of-control behavior for far too long.”

“Many San Franciscans do not feel safe,” Peskin said. “Brazen drug dealing and deteriorating street conditions have exacerbated a humanitarian crisis on our streets.”

But less than 10 minutes after the meeting began, it was cut short as the crowd hurled insults at the mayor and supervisors until they just walked away from the podium, according to KRON.

At one point, a woman threw a brick into the crowd and nearly struck a child, according to San Francisco police, who had been deployed to the plaza ahead of the meeting.

Here’s a local report on the Mostly Peaceful address.

Via John Sexton at Hot Air:

It looks like this person tried to run for it but got knocked down by a bystander. No one is saying this person is trans but it sort of looks that way to me.

Oh great, law enforcement will be again corrupted to protect a lunatic violent transsexual

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