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San Francisco is blanketed in human feces and shoplifting is at crisis proportions. So what does SF DA find as the most important issue?

San Francisco will incorporate the use of preferred pronouns into its criminal justice system instead of biological pronouns. Prosecutors and others in the legal system will be required to ask witnesses and defendants about their names and their identifying pronouns under the mandate.

“Here in San Francisco, we must, and we will,” said San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin at a press conference Wednesday, calling on other leaders to model “respect.” “We are leaders in modeling respect and modeling dignity and compassion, in all aspects of our society, including in our legal system,” he added.
The requirement will help protect youth in his state, the district attorney said, citing data from the Trevor Project that said nonbinary or transgender youth are less likely to impose self-harm or attempt suicide if their preferred pronoun is used.

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