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Russia has accepted Brandon’s invitation to execute a “minor incursion” into the Ukraine and has instead staged one across Eastern Europe.
Russia is demanding, ahead of security talks to take place in Geneva, that the US retreat completely from Eastern Europe, and essentially declare it to be the Soviet Sphere of Influence again.
Seriously, that’s what they’re demanding.


Russia wants Nato to remove all of its forces from Bulgaria, Romania and other ex-communist states in eastern Europe that joined the alliance after 1997, the foreign ministry said on Friday, underlining Moscow’s hardline position ahead of security talks with the US in Geneva.
Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, said in a written Q&A on the ministry’s website that Russia’s demands included “withdrawing foreign forces, equipment, and armaments and making other steps to return to the condition as of 1997”, when Nato began admitting former Warsaw Pact countries.
“That includes Bulgaria and Romania,” Lavrov said, adding that Russia’s demand was “core” and “deliberately worded as clearly as possible so as not to allow any dual interpretations”.

I guess Brandon’s magisterial one hour, fifty minutes of Successful Standing did not have the intimidating effect that Noted Foreign Policy Sage Rachel Maddow envisioned. They apparently were more impressed by his openly-inviting-them-to-conquer-Ukraine.
So, how strong is NATO, a year into Brandon’s “presidency”?
So strong that French president Emanuel Macron wants Europe to hold separate negotiations with Russia, excluding the US.

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