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Suzanne Eovaldi:

Is it all just fan fiction?  The “Golden Showers” fake story line may well have been started on the internet by mischievous trolls who manufactured the ‘showers to sheets’ nonsense out of their own perverse imagination. Who better to entice gullible politicians and media leftists into falling for a soft porn fantasy?  “This story we made up-just let that sink in-what we have become,” is a 4chanquote from techies who sent the golden showers story to anti-Trump pundit Rick Wilson “who ran with it.” Their post at 4chan is titled “pol/acksfanfiction.” ACK often is computer speak for a response or answer to a question.  For instance, when someone is e-mailed “Are You There,” the response slang could comeback as ACK, according to the urban slang dictionary.

You can read the original 4chan e-mail and then follow how zero then picked up the unbelievable tale. The whole fake news tale of how Trump supposedly made people urinate on bed sheets in a hotel room where Obama allegedly stayed could be the product of clever young web wizards who wanted to inject some crude “levity” into the Trump campaign bashing. This 4chan web post goes on to say that the mischief makers gave their phony story wings by allegedly sending it to Rick Wilson, a Trump opponent and media pundit. “He thought it was real and gave it to the CIA” which then “put it in their official classified intelligence report” on Russian involvement in the presidential election.

That’s when Senator John McCain got involved. According to Investmentwatch blog, McCain learned of the “dossier” from Sir Andrew Wood, former Brit ambassador to Russia at the Halifax International Security Forum in Nova Scotia last November, 2016. At first, various media outlets actually had the rumor of the showers to sheets tale but would not publish it because there was no attribution.  With McCain’s involvement, the media somehow saw fit to throw down what actually may well have been the creative fabrication of internet posters seeking to show how foolish the Trump Derangement Syndrome had become.

A second development in the reporting of this extended tale involves possible expenditures of taxpayer money. The FBI is not being prompt in answering a FOIA request filed as part of a lawsuit by the Cause of Action Institute (CoA) for access to records to determine if, “the FBI was misusing taxpayer money to interfere in a presidential election on behalf of one of the candidates.” Citing a news article, the lawsuit, filed in US District Court, DC, civil action No. 17-671, refers to the relationship between the FBI and Christopher Steele, a former UK investigator in opposition research, allegedly on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign.  The CoA lawsuit seeks to determine just what went on between Steele and the FBI and more importantly, if taxpayer money was spent on these activities.  In short, the CoA wants to know if our FBI was in a partisan relationship with the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

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