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Russia annexed Crimea under Obama and now, says the Biden WH, might invade Ukraine.
Wouldn’t they have done such things when they had a blackmail puppet they controlled in the WH? Is there anything that can make the CNN/NYT axis re-consider their demented conspiracy theory?

Trump spent 4 years attacking 2 core Russian vital interests: he 1) flooded Ukraine with lethal arms to fight Russia (which Obama refused to do) and 2) did everything to sabotage Moscow’s pipeline to Germany (which Biden allowed).
The Trump-as-Putin-pawn is QAnon-level insane.
Along with NBC, the New Yorker, the Atlantic and NYT, Ground Zero for the insane Trump-is-Putin’s-blackmail-pawn conspiracy theory was CNN. They were led around by CIA to spread the most unhinged conspiracy. Now they really believe they fight, rather than spread, “misinformation”

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