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via Twitchy:

Have we mentioned lately the media sucks? Because they do, they suck.
Were you guys even aware of the Yahoo News article about how the CIA plotted to kidnap or assassinate Julian Assange? We hadn’t.
Until now.
In a thread from Glenn Greenwald DISSECTING the media for not covering the story in the first place. Otherwise, we don’t know that we’d have seen it.

Admitted they had no evidence.
It just gets worse and worse.

Almost as religious conviction.

Sort of like how so many of them have continued to claim Trump called neo-Nazis very fine people.

The media are not to be taken seriously.
They want to be the only ones spreading disinformation, silly!

A full month.
Didn’t see it.

And keep in mind, we read this stuff and look through it EVERY DAY … if we’re not seeing it, nobody is.

Like when Twitter censors an entire story?
Good times.

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