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Erika Johnsen:

This is it, my friends. This right here is why I stand ready to forgive Mitt Romney his political faults and put him in charge of this country come November.

If you haven’t noticed yet (wink wink), I’m rather a big fan of free enterprise. More than any other socio-economic system that man has ever come up with, no other method has yet demonstrated itself so effortlessly able to provide so much prosperity, opportunity, and freedom for so many people — because before you yourself can do well in the free enterprise system, you must necessarily produce a good or service that somebody else voluntarily wants to consume. The greater value society places on said good or service, the greater the reward.

Yes, Mitt Romney has fired people and shuttered businesses — good for him. That’s what should happen when jobs and businesses are no longer providing something for which society can find a use. For Team Obama to imply that creative destruction is tantamount to villainy, as if the laid-off workers are somehow doomed to joblessness for the rest of their lives, is beyond disappointing. Losing a job is devastating, but you pick yourself up and find a new way to be useful — or you would, anyway, if your current president’s policies didn’t have the economy moving more slowly than molasses in January. I realize that’s a brass-tacks version of things, but there it is.

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