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Twitter doesn’t bother taking down actual death threats from the left, or even tweets from Democrats at about this level, like Eric Swalwell’s announcement that we have nuclear weapons to deal with vermin such as you.

Riding to Blotto O’Rourke’s defense? The translucent fun-size soybag Alex Griswold from the Free Beacon — you know, the liberal “conservative” rag that hired Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump and Ted Cruz.

People tend to forget that last part and just say they paid Fusion for dirt on Trump. Nope. They wanted dirt on Cruz, too.

Anything to take out any challengers to their preferred liberal/corporate fake conservative candidates like Jeb! and Dreamy Marco.

But it’s a Real Media property, not the propaganda front for a political organization.

here are liberals in the GOP, and they should be allowed to work in “conservative” branded media.

But should a group that represents 10% at most of the GOP dominate 90% of the “conservative’ media?

But as they only follow and link each other on Twitter, they also only hire each other and suggest each other for hiring. The whole system is dominated by liberals, and just as in colleges, they’re impossible to dislodge as they are tribally loyal and cultish. The only response is boycott.

By the way: AllahPundit retweeted this.

Not done virtue signalling to his liberal Twitter buddies, Hashtag Soybag decided to also attack anyone who thought that David French’s defense of Drag Queen Story Hour as a “blessing of liberty” with another shot of rote Millennial snark.

Here’s David French’s quote, which he’s so proud of that he’s tweeting out links to the liberal magazine that gave him some attention:

And here’s the “conservative” Alex Griswold mocking both 2nd Amendment supporters and people opposed to government employees using government-supported government buildings (libraries) as venues for Drag Queens to show off their Gender Flexibility to children.

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