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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has reportedly become involved in an apparent Monday attack on Seattle police officers by left-wing rioters, who allegedly sealed the door to the East Precinct shut with a substance suspected to be concrete and started a fire to the building.

Radio host and journalist Jason Rantz reported Tuesday evening, “Seattle rioters used a substance suspected to be concrete to seal shut the door to the East Precinct, the Seattle Police Department has confirmed. At the same time, the rioters tried to set fire to the building. ATF is now involved.”

According to the report, the rioters used what has been suspected to be quick-dry concrete to seal the door shut. Photos reviewed by the Jason Rantz Show appear to show “the concrete mix and tools used,” says the report.

During the rioting, ostensibly tied to an incident in Wisconsin that resulted in the police shooting of a black male, some protesting used the substance to seal the door shut as police officers remained inside the building.

“The criminals at the 12th street entrance reportedly mixed what is suspected to be cement mix and water in a bucket with a wooden stick before applying it to the door,” the report outlines. “Photos show the criminals also destroyed the electronic key card off the door, presumably to further disable the ability of officers inside to enter or exit the building.”

“On the East Pine Street side of the East Precinct, the criminals started a fire,” Rantz reports. “The intent appeared to be to burn the building with the officers inside.”

A source told the reporter that the Seattle officers inside the department building “had to kick the door open to exit the building and disperse the rioters.” The alleged criminal rioters apparently “used too much water in the cement mixture. Photos indicate it was too runny to fully seal the doorway shut.”

Speaking out about the violence, Seattle Police Officers Guild president Mike Solan told Rantz on the reporter’s radio show that “domestic terrorists” are holding the city of Seattle “hostage.”

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