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The “mostly peaceful” attempted invasion of Israel on Friday, perpetrated by the terrorist group Hamas is just another shot fired in the public relations battle against the legitimacy of the state of Israel and the existence of the Jewish people.

20,000-30,000 people massed on the border of a sovereign state. They began probing attacks on the border fence, complete with rifle fire, Molotov cocktails, burning tires rolled into the fence, and teams planting IEDs along the border, all under cover of paid civilian crowds specifically placed to maximize the possibility of loss of life, with its attendant press coverage.

The invasion was repelled with minimal loss of life, and there are already calls for international inquiries into the violence.

What’s that? Oh no…not to examine the callousness of using civilians as human shields and attempting to precipitate a violent encounter with the defenders of a UN member state’s border. It is to further the primary goal of the United Nations, to reverse its decision in November 1947 to partition the British Mandate of Palestine into two countries; one Jewish and one Arab.

They have regretted it ever since, and have tried their sleazy worst to subvert the will of the Jewish people to reconstitute their ancient homeland. The last time I checked there were 77 United Nations resolutions condemning Israel, by far the most against any nation.

Here’s their latest attempt, but be warned, it’s a link to CNN.

Diplomats: US blocks UN statement for independent inquiry into Gaza violence

Imagine if they had tried that invasion on the Russian or the Indian or Chinese border?

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