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by Ace

Strange how Republicans object to the 2020 voting rules being applied to their future races, while continuing to insist that there was nothing to complain about in the 2020 presidential election.
In any event, they stopped it. For now.

Senate Republicans torpedoed the “For the People Act,” a federal takeover of elections, on Tuesday night. The legislation received 50 affirmative votes along party lines, with no Republican support. Democrats were unable to overcome the GOP filibuster to move forward with the legislation.


And yet there was no fraud, using the same corrupt techniques, in Trump’s supposed defeat!

It’s almost as if the corporate-controlled pawns of the Ruling Class we call “Republicans” joined with their Democrat buddies to “fortify” the election against Trump.
Leftwing “journalists” of course acted like DNC Enforcement Thugs and began crying out for vengeance.
You know, like objective writers of the First Draft of History always do.

Much journalizming!!!

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