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Yes and after that: Investigate what the “American” media is so eager to propagate Chinese intelligence service propaganda as well.

Sen. Rick Scott on Tuesday called for a congressional investigation into the World Health Organization, suggesting the U.S. should cut off its funding for “helping Communist China cover up” the full extent of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Florida Republican, a noted China hawk, has long raised concerns about the WHO’s relationship with Beijing, which has undercounted the number of coronavirus cases in the country.

…”We know Communist China is lying about how many cases and deaths they have, what they knew and when they knew it — and the WHO never bothered to investigate further, Scott added. “Their inaction cost lives.”

He said the WHO “willfully parroted propaganda” from China’s Communist Party, and he called for hearings and a full investigation when Congress returns to Washington next month.

Among the lies the WHO has pushed for their Chinese Communist patrons: That the coronavirus could only be transmitted from animal (bat) to human, not from human to human, so there was no need to limit travel to and from China.

In fact, Communist China already knew the virus could pass with epidemic speed from human to human.

In fact, the Chinese government knew at that point to could be transmitted between humans and they had hundreds of cases even though they were reporting only 41 officially on Jan. 11, according to the South China Morning Post. Chinese doctors and labs had identified the virus at least by December and there are now reports that there may even have been cases in November.But China tried to shut down the information from getting out.

From NY Post:

Chinese labs ID’d the new virus in December, but the regime ordered them to stop testing and quietly destroy their samples. Officials even squelched health care workers, like the late Dr. Li Wenliang, who tried to warn colleagues of the coming epidemic.

Li and others knew in December the virus was spreading through human contact. But the government publicly denied it until Jan. 20.

What is WHO’s answer? They won’t respond.

Are they merely China’s dupes, or are they China’s coconspirators? I think they won’t answer either way because they don’t even want to admit their patron lied in the first place.

Legal Insurrection has a good roundup of China’s aggressive lies on behalf of its pet plague.

One of China’s propaganda pushes is to claim that the country does not need to change its food and health practices, despite the fact that one new plague after another keeps coming out of the country.

They just don’t want to change — and so any suggestion that they should is, of course… racist!

From the Spectator:

Meanwhile, several articles have decried the problematic ways in which Chinese eating and hygiene habits have been discussed in light of the outbreak, especially because they may lead to stereotyping Chinese people as a whole for being barbaric and uncivilized. These stereotypes, they fear, will only end up fueling xenophobia and racism. The temptation here is to avoid falling into the trap of cultural relativism. It[s perfectly appropriate to criticize China’s rampant consumption of exotic animals, lack of hygiene standards and otherwise risky behavior that puts people at risk for zoonotic infections. Until these entrenched behaviors based on cultural or magical beliefs are divorced from Chinese culture, wet wildlife markets will linger as time-bombs ready to set off the next pandemic, which in a globalized age is proving only too easy to do. We already know that more than 75 percent of emerging diseases originate in animals and that in the last century, at least 10 infectious diseases jumped from animals to people. China should be aghast at its role setting off the global domino effect at Wuhan Seafood Market in late 2019.

After countless infections and death, the obliteration of trillions of dollars and the radical retooling of modern life as we know it, the least China could do is introduce higher food safety regulations, eradicate all wet markets and ban the wildlife trade, once and for all.

The Center for Security Policy is updating its timeline of China’s aggressive propaganda efforts.

60 Minutes did a great piece on China’s active efforts to propagandize and propagate their plague.

Wait, did I say 60 Minutes? Major error on my part — the American media is in bed with China and would never dare report on China’s misbehavior.

I meant 60 Minutes Australia.

Don’t expect Anderson Cooper to pick up this reporting thread any time soon!

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