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A shocking Buzzfeed report indicates the case against those involved in an alleged plot to kidnap Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is being “complicated” by an “array of issues” involving the FBI’s handling of the case.

For example, FBI informants were involved, and agents have been arrested for other crimes.
The kidnapping plot had allegedly been discussed at a meeting in Ohio around June of last year, and plans were hatched straight through until October when six of the men were first arrested.

14 individuals overall have been arrested in the bizarre plot, with 13 pleading ‘not guilty.’



The one man who pleaded guilty agreed to testify against the others and was sentenced to six years and three months for his role in the domestic terrorism case.


Federal investigators described several of the men taken into custody as ‘anti-government extremists’ who were angry over Whitmer’s strict COVID-19 policies, according to the Associated Press.


FBI Sinking The Whitmer Plot Case?

The latest Buzzfeed column suggests that one of the “most important domestic terrorism prosecutions in a generation” is running into problems and it “call(s) into question tactics” used by the FBI.

“The case seemed like a lock,” they write, “until an informant and one FBI agent were charged with crimes, another was accused of perjury, and a third was found promoting a private security firm.”
They mention FBI agent Jayson Chambers, who played a key role in the investigation but had been trying to drum up business for his own private security firm by touting his casework at the bureau.

Chambers, shortly after his security firm became public, was dropped from the list of witnesses set to testify in the trial against the defendants.

BuzzFeed News reports that their “investigation reveals new information about how Chambers’ business, along with an array of issues involving other FBI agents and informants, has bedeviled the prosecution.”

Additional problems abound.

“Beyond the integrity of the case, the problems are serious and widespread enough to call into question tactics the FBI has relied on for decades — and to test the public’s trust in the bureau overall,” Buzzfeed writes.

Those who have worked on the case now have their own rap sheet, according to the report:

A second FBI agent, who had served as the case’s public face, was charged with beating his wife when they returned home from a swingers party. He was fired soon thereafter. A third agent was accused of perjury. A state prosecutor in a related case was reassigned and then retired in the face of an audit into his prior use of informants.
And an informant whose work was crucial to the investigation was indicted on a gun charge and is now under investigation for fraud.


Prosecutors indicate they’ve collected thousands of social media posts, hundreds of thousands of text messages, and over 1,300 hours of recordings that supposedly prove those charged in the Whitmer kidnapping plot were guilty in attempting to carry out the plot.

The defendants, though, counter that they were victims of entrapment by an overzealous and severely compromised investigation.

The report reveals that at least a dozen confidential informants had been used in the Michigan Governor case, along with an additional pair of undercover FBI agents.
Buzzfeed writes that cases throughout the FBI’s past have used such informants, most notably against Muslims accused of having links to terrorism after 9/11.

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