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Michigan seems to be ground zero for the Reopen America protests, thanks to their governor using the crisis to audition to be Biden’s vice president. CBS News This Morning showed up to cover Michigan’s testing operation for COVID-19. And as you see from this Project Veritas expose, the word “news” isn’t exactly what I’d use here.

“We could have done other stuff,” registered nurse complains.

“Apparently, the news crew wanted more people in the line,” said a Cherry Health supervisor.

“We pretended. There were a couple of real patients, which made it worse,” said another registered nurse.

The video in full, including a statement from CBS News, can be seen here. Sure, they could have put it on YouTube. But we all know how that will end up.

Here’s the thing that’s most maddening. Say, purely for sake of argument, that things were as bad as the media and politicians made them out to be. You should WANT them to be not bad. If it turns out we were over-prepared, that should be a good thing. Good news should be, you know, good.

But good news doesn’t get people to stay home watching CBS News This Morning. Nor does it fit the agenda of the producers. Nor does good news scare people into ceding their lives over to government, going out wearing masks thinking they need to wear masks, and completely abandoning their jobs in order to “flatten the curve” and “slow the spread.”

What looks like has happened, more and more, especially based on this new O’Keefe video, is America was scammed. Allegedly. That’s an opinion, Facebook “independent” fact checkers. You read that? MY OPINION IS AMERICA GOT SCAMMED.

Meanwhile, people are being put in jail for going back to their jobs. What’s going to happen to CBS for staging (allegedly) a fake COVID-19 line to make the virus seem worse than it actually was? Anyone?

Video here

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