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By Jordan Conradson

DHS report obtained by The Washington Free Beacon
A new report written by the DHS office of the inspector general discovered that Federal officials have no idea where potentially hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have gone in the US.
Under the fraudulent Biden regime, illegal border crossings surged to record highs. In the fiscal year 2022, more illegals have already been encountered at the border than in all of 2021, setting another record.
The Gateway Pundit recently reported on the horrifying scene in Mexico, where thousands of illegal immigrants stormed through the Mexican National Guard to illegally enter the United States.

The Feds are just letting these criminals into our country and releasing them without court dates or even recording their addresses.
Newsmax reported,

Federal immigration officials don’t know the whereabouts of potentially hundreds of thousands of migrants who came across the southern border last year, according to an internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report obtained by The Washington Free Beacon.
The report reveals that between March and June 2021, when Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents encountered more than 720,000 migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, agents failed to record the U.S. addresses of approximately one-third of illegal immigrants.
Many of those who entered the country at the southern border failed to report to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after their release, according to the DHS report. All migrants who are not immediately deported are required to check in at an ICE office within 60 days of their release, but the report shows that about 30% of migrants released into the U.S. between March and September 2021 “did not comply with release terms.”
Those who did not provide a U.S. address and schedule an asylum court date are practically untraceable.
Thus far in the 2022 fiscal year, CBP agents have encountered a record 1,746,119 migrants at the nation’s shared border with Mexico. The previous record was set during the 2021 fiscal year, when there were 1,734,686 encounters at the border.
Federal immigration authorities have released up to hundreds of thousands of migrants into the United States without court dates, under President Joe Biden.
According to a report from Axios, from March to mid-July 2021, approximately 50,000 illegal immigrants were set free in the U.S. without a scheduled court date.
Lacking a court date, migrants are subject to deportation, however, the Biden administration has drastically cut back on deportation as a method of enforcing immigration law.
In the 2021 fiscal year, ICE deported just 58,000 migrants, which is the lowest number in recent history, according to the Free Beacon. Even former President Barack Obama, in whose administration Biden served as vice president, deported hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants each year.

As we reported, most of these illegal immigrants coming to the United States are military-aged men that we know nothing about. This is a Trojan Horse that will be used to destroy our country.

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