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Donald Trump has reportedly been notified that he faces imminent indictment by Joe Biden’s Department of Justice. Sources suggest that the indictment is scheduled to take place “next week.” Jack Smith, the special counsel appointed by current Attorney General Merrick Garland to probe the actions of the former president, is expected to press charges against Trump for the offense of “gathering, transmitting, or losing” national defense information.

“A federal indictment brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith could be handed by a federal grand jury to Trump as early as next week,” reports The Post Millennial. “Smith’s prosecutorial team informed Trump’s team in recent days that the charges he faces include a violation of 18 US Code Chapter 37 Section 793 which prohibits the ‘gathering, transmitting or losing’ of national defense information. Other charges reportedly being considered are alleged false statements and obstruction of justice.”

According to sources, Donald Trump’s legal team has been diligently preparing their defense for several months, conducting extensive legal research in anticipation of potential charges. The lawyers representing the 2024 presidential candidate are expected to argue that Trump, as president, possessed Constitutional powers to declassify documents and retain them when his term ended.

Trump’s team is likely to rely heavily on a past U.S. District Court case from over a decade ago, which involved former President Bill Clinton. This case concluded that a president has the authority to determine which documents from their presidency can be retained personally. In addition, a document shared on Twitter from the Federal Registrar has surfaced, indicating that Trump declassified specific materials related to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation during the final days of his presidency.

An indictment of Trump by the Biden Administration is likely to have huge ramifications for the 2024 election. It will bolster Trump’s claims that his political rival is abusing his power to target him, most certainly resulting in Republican voters rallying behind him.

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