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It wasn’t so long ago that the Democrat Party’s media flank was obsessed with the idea of a president — or anyone — using cocaine at the White House. Now that real cocaine — a crack precursor — was found in Joe Biden’s White House, these reporters seem incredibly reticent to give oxygen to the story. It’s almost as if we’re back in 2008 when reporters and thought leaders decided that a president being part of something called the Choom Gang and who “admitted to using illegal drugs [including cocaine] as a teenager” and even hid an alleged secret life wasn’t really worth pursuing as a news story. After all, St. Barack Obama admitted to so many of these indiscretions, what more could be said? Why bother? No one needs to know if the preezy is still on drugs.

But things changed in 2016. It was then that reporters openly speculated about the tantalizing prospect that a New York billionaire, well-known teetotaler, and presidential candidate might be using cocaine while running for president.

Since the Left was all-in for Hillary, the speculation about Trump’s “drug use” was open and rampant.

Their proof? See if you can spot it.

“What’s going on with Trump’s sniffling?” the Atlantic asked.

The author, James Hamblin, proposed indicators that Trump was using the drug. “Let’s talk seriously about cocaine,” wrote Hamlin. Then he noted that “Cocaine has been referred to as the caviar of street drugs. Trump enjoys caviar.” He further reasoned (if you can call it that), “Cocaine would also give someone a grand sense of self. It would give someone sexual potency, which Trump has assured us he has.” He continued, “It would give a 70-year-old man boundless energy and the confidence that he could fulfill the duties of the highest office in the land despite having no experience in any public office”

There was much speculation that Trump’s sniffing was from using cocaine.

Vanity Fair keyed in on late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah wondering if “Donald Trump was snorting coke at the debate.” The once-funny Stephen Colbert mocked Trump.

Former DNC Chair Howard Dean asked the question on Twitter:

Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?

— Howard Dean (@GovHowardDean) September 27, 2016

Dean encouraged the media to ask him about all the sniffing during the Sept. 26, 2016 debate. “It’s something I think it’d be interesting to ask him and see if he ever had a problem with that,” Dean told NBC News, which did a follow-up interview to pursue the story. Dean refused to delete the tweet. In time, the tweet would disappear because Dean deleted his Twitter account.

Forbes speculated on the candidate’s drug use.

The business magazine considered the possible causes of Trump’s sniffling in an apparent show of concern for the health of a future president.

The New York Times took the same tack, headlining its story, “Trump sniffles at the debate and the internet plays doctor.” The Times speculated on allergies … and cocaine. And it noted the turn-about-is-fair-play angle, as the Trump sniffling came “Two weeks after Hillary Clinton’s health became the center of attention after she came down with pneumonia.” The story included Trump’s observation at Hillary’s obvious health issues. “‘Something’s going on,’ Mr. Trump said ominously. Observers wondered if Mr. Trump was suffering from an illness, as well.”

Funny or Die, actor Will Ferrell’s outlet for his hatred of conservatives, lampooned the president. Esquire Magazine was only too happy to highlight the bit on its pages, asking, “Thanks to Funny or Die, we can all pretend that Trump’s constant, obnoxious sniffles during the debate were actually him just enjoying the finer things in life.” The bit was dumb.

Memes were created, which is why many on the right observe that the Left can’t meme.

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