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Let me tell you a story. Some of you may have heard this before. Others of you witnessed parts of it in real time.
It’s a cautionary tale. And it runs up against the push by 11 GOP Senators to imperil my natural right to defense, protected by the Constitution.
In 2006, an adjunct university professor entered the comments section of my blog,
She began debating other commentators and quickly found herself out of her depth. I can’t recall the specifics of the post, but her argument was decidedly leftist. ( I went out for a time, and by the time I came back, this leftwing professor of risk management had become so unglued that she was threatening my then 2-year-old son.
Fox News ran a piece on it after @michellemalkin highlighted it on her “Vent” for Hot Air.
The professor was asked to step down from her position. She has not held a job since, living off of severance and disability checks, along with support from a wealthy family.
Her public disgrace caused her some immediate introspection, but sadly that didn’t last.
As her career came apart and her relationships began to crumble, she picked my family — in particular, my son — to blame for her self-inflicted travails.
She began posting pornographic entries about a 2-year-old boy. She began making public accusations that my wife and I were molesting my son. Pretending to be a reporter, she contacted my mother, asking for comment about my impending arrest for child molestation. She dug up my father’s obituary and went on an on about sexualized “tykes” and “dead kikes.”
We’d received an order of protection against her, but bc she lived out of state, the law couldn’t touch her. She’d begun attacking the lawyers who’d helped me or represented me. She attacked the judges.
All of this continued until right around 2014, when a detective in my small town found a legal means to being charges, citing an Online harassment law that has been passed in the intervening years.
To make a long story short, this woman was able to evade consequences for 12 years. She reported me to DHS as a terror threat, claiming I was making ricin (she also posted this on a community message board, warning parents to keep their kids away from my house on Halloween.
She’d been able to find where we lived using voter records. She called the surrounding schools warning them that I was a pedophile and that my son was in danger. She contacted child services. She contacted my wife’s place of employment.
Ultimately, after years of effort, we were finally able to see her convicted on multiple felony charges. This happened after CO had her extradited twice. In August, she’ll likely be paroled after serving 2 years of a six year sentence.
— which means that for 14 years, prior to her felony convictions, had she phoned in an anonymous “tip” on me, she may have convinced a judge to file an ex parte order requiring me to surrender my weapons.
It took us 14 years to get her convicted of clear crimes. I’ve been through the legal system.
Red flag laws will almost certainly be abused by those who figure out how to work the system.
They will create victims where before none existed. They punish the law-abiding and benefit the vindictive, the cruel, the disinterested, and the bureaucratic
apparatus, further clogging up an already glacially-moving legal system and costing the accused time, money, worry, and liberty.
Reject them. And consider those who promote them your enemies.
Because trust me. They are.


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