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Donald Trump between 2004 and 2008 recorded a daily 60-second commentary that was aired on several hundred radio stations across the U.S. On the program, named “Trumped!,” the New York businessman gave his thoughts about current events, relationships, women and politics.

In the commentaries, Mr. Trump said Hillary Clinton would “make a good president,” took the same position as gun-control advocates who opposed a West Virginia law allowing hunting-education in schools, and discussed divorce and the relationship between the sexes in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Trump didn’t respond to requests to release the recordings of these hundreds of commentaries, which could shed light on the current presidential campaign, in which he is the presumptive Republican nominee. Premiere Networks, which syndicated the program, said it can’t release them without Mr. Trump’s permission.

The Wall Street Journal tracked down a handful of audio recordings. We also found nearly 200 full and partial transcripts on archived web pages. Hundreds more of Mr. Trump’s radio recordings and transcripts haven’t publicly surfaced.

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