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It’s tempting to view MSNBC Talk-Garrot Rachel Maddow as the Dinosaur Media’s Lucy Van Pelt, but, of course, that would be an insult to Lucy.

Certainly, like Lucy, Ms. Maddow possesses that rare and startlingly offensive combination of insufferable ego, towering self-righteousness, awkward self-bearing, stiffness and its resultant blusterous over-compensation.

But Maddow caps it off with a heaping dollop of “join me and hate the peons” old-school propagandistic progressivism that smacks more of a 1970s meeting of the Manhattan Marxist Club than a supposed news figure…

So, while it’s easy to get Lucy and Rachel confused, after a bit of study, it becomes clear that one is much more cartoonish than the other, and that fact just became more obvious as Maddow’s attorneys offered part of her defense in a $10 million defamation suit she’s currently fighting.

As Chris Gregory reports for Culttture:

One America News (OAN) is in court against MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow in a $10 million lawsuit after Maddow said her conservative competitor “really, literally is paid Russian propaganda.”

And we all know that Ms. Maddow is a lot brighter than the rest of us, so she clearly has a better handle on the meaning of the word hyperbole and the difference between “literal” and “figurative” than we do. She’s been on the cutting edge of true, honest reporting for years, and would never err or become hyperbolic when making statements about OAN, right?

She’s just 100% trustworthy… Right?

Maybe not.

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