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In an interview with Bill Maher last night Quentin Tarantino made one of the stupidest arguments I’ve heard against police, which is pretty much what I expected out of a Hollywood lightweight like Tarantino.

Of course, Maher loved it.

Watch below:

[youtube][/youtube] Yeah I dunno dude, I think if you’re pointing to movies in the seventies in order to prove something about reality, you may not know much about how reality works.

The whole interview is worth watching – they show a video of a recent case where a woman cop is tazing a man and demanding he show his hands. Eventually she shoots and kills him.

Here’s the problem.

Maher doesn’t tell Quentin the details of the case, and Tarantino doesn’t ask. If you watch it closely, the guy is reaching into his coat many times, which the cop took as the possibility that he was reaching for a weapon. You can see this clearly. Maher and Quentin say he couldn’t show his hands because he was being tazed, but don’t say anything about his ability to reach for something in his coat. That’s an ill advised move no matter what you’re doing in front of a cop, much less when you’re being arrested.

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