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WHY, ARIZ. — A few dozen migrants sat under the sun and sweltering temperatures that would reach a high of 117 degrees as they were detained Saturday in an outdoor cage at the Ajo Border Patrol Station.

The majority of migrants sat beneath the shade of the large white canopy as others stood beneath the sun. From the observation point, many of the migrants appeared to be men, but it was difficult to discern migrants’ gender.

Migrant advocates and elected officials decried the outdoor caging of migrants, in the heat describing it as “cruel” and “inhumane.”

“I was horrified, but I’m sadly not surprised because this treatment of migrants is nothing new,” said Janice Rosenberg, a volunteer with the Ajo Samaritans humanitarian group.

The station sets in rugged terrain in the Sonoran Desert, a deadly area that has claimed the lives of thousands of migrants over the past two decades. The discovery of the cage comes during a wave of record-breaking heat across Arizona.


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