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By Joe Hoft

After Biden told the world for the past few weeks that he had information that Putin was definitely going to invade Ukraine, Putin basically took over a portion of the country without firing a shot. 
Today Putin outmaneuvered Biden and Harris and made them look like idiots.  This is another sad and embarrassing day for the Biden regime.  First Afghanistan and not Ukraine, Biden can’t get anything right, not the economy and certainly not foreign affairs.
These past few weeks Biden and Harris were telling the world that Putin was going to invade Ukraine.  Kamala Harris spoke about this over the weekend in Europe.

A couple of days prior to that Biden said the same.  He was convinced Putin was going to invade Ukraine.


These were all lies.  Even Russians shared over the weekend that Russia had no intentions of invading Ukraine.  They were emphatic about this.

Ukraine’s leader shared in Europe this weekend that someone was telling the truth and someone was not when speaking about Russia invading Ukraine.  Either Putin or Biden was lying.

Today Putin proved himself and Russia the leader and country to be trusted before Biden and the US.  CBSNews reported:

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday recognized the independence of two Russian-backed breakaway republics in the east of Ukraine. The Biden administration warned last week that the move would violate international law and Ukraine’s sovereignty, and would “necessitate a swift and firm response” from America and its allies.
The Russian leader’s decision effectively signals that Moscow is no longer interested in negotiating with the West to find a diplomatic resolution to the Ukraine crisis based on cease-fire deals hammered out eight years ago, which have been consistently pointed to by both sides as the only viable framework for an agreement.

Putin doesn’t need to have a  discussion with the US.  The two republics separated from Ukraine and he stepped in and offered to support them.

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