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by Don Surber

Here’s the thing about virtue signaling. You only do enough to appear virtuous. You never risk real money.
The perfect protest would be to boycott Chick-fil-A but only on Sundays.
If it actually costs you anything, it is not virtue signaling. It is sacrifice. Who the heck wants to sacrifice anything anymore?
BASF CEO Martin Brudermuller forgot this rule when he decided to side with Ukraine in the Russo-Ukraine war.
March 1, the company announced, “BASF donates €1 million in emergency humanitarian aid to Ukraine.”
He said, “There is a war going on in Ukraine! The suffering for the civilian population in the country is immense. We want to help these people and therefore quickly decided to provide this emergency aid.”
Its sales in 2021 were €78.6 billion — or nearly 80,000 times its donation to the cause.
But that donation could cost the company billions, for you see, Putin has been making a list and checking it twice. He’s gonna punish those who were naughty not nice.
55% of Germany’s natural gas comes from Russia.
The BASF CEO said, “To put it bluntly: This could bring the German economy into its worst crisis since the end of the Second World War and destroy our prosperity. For many small and medium-sized companies in particular, it could mean the end. We can’t risk that!”
Um, ace. You just did that. You risked bringing down German’s chemical industry just to signal how virtuous your company is.
The chemical industry is 10% of the German economy (GDP).
Brudenmuller seemed alarmed when discussing the problem in a newspaper interview.
He said, “A delivery stop for a short time would perhaps open the eyes of many – on both sides. It would make clear the magnitude of the consequences. But if we don’t get any more Russian gas for a long time, then we really have a problem here in Germany. At BASF, we would have to scale back or completely shut down production at our largest site in Ludwigshafen if the supply fell significantly and permanently below 50 percent of our maximum natural gas requirement. Minister Habeck has already activated the early warning level of the gas emergency plan.”
Robert Habeck is Germany’s Vice Chancellor of Germany, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.
40,000 BASF workers could be laid off if Putin cuts off Germany.
Ironically, Brudenmuller said, “Many have misconceptions. I notice that in many of the conversations I have. People often make no connection at all between a boycott and their own job. As if our economy and our prosperity were set in stone.”
Once upon a time, companies kept their eye on the ball and avoided politics. The old men who ran things back in the day may not have been woke but they knew to stay out of politics. Today’s CEOs are bound and determined to learn that lesson the hard way.

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