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Left-wing activists rioted in Portland on Friday night where they burned Bibles, set fires in the street, and tore protective boarding off of buildings.

The riots had cooled off on Thursday night as “federal and state officers located inside the courthouse were not forced to leave the building during the course of the night,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in a statement.

On Friday night, rioters burned American flags and bibles in the streets outside the federal Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse in Portland.

Numerous journalists who were on the ground said that the left-wing activists were trying to provoke a response from the federal agents inside.

One journalist reported that rioters dumped garbage in front of one exit. “CBP clears the hazard and agitators begin to provoke a response from federal officers,” he wrote along with video of the incident.

“Agitators trying to provoke a response from federal officers,” the journalist added. “Violently battering the door with kicks and using their shield as a battering ram.”

President Donald Trump announced late Friday night, “Homeland Security is not leaving Portland until local police complete cleanup of Anarchists and Agitators!”

Other videos posted online by journalist Andy Ngo show large fires being set in the street and rioters ripping protective boarding off of buildings.

“Rioters at gathering in Portland are tearing off barricades of an arcade nearby federal courthouse. Portland Police are aware but will let them continue because they’re given directive to leave rioters alone in most circumstances,” Ngo reported. “Black bloc militants in downtown Portland are trying to break into a business near the federal courthouse at the peaceful protest. They’re prying off the wood that is covering glass window.”


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