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By Ace

I don’t believe them. I believe they’re actually leftish pro-abortion pastors themselves, but pretend for purposes of keeping their jobs.

All of these people — from these idiots to David French — pretended that Joe Biden was a “centrist moderate with conservative tendencies” knowing full well that he was actually a more leftwing Senator than Obama had been (according to their votes in the Senate).

They’re just grifters — and liars, deceiving their dwindling number of conservative followers into voting against their own interests and electing Democrats.

I don’t believe any of these people were “deceived.” I think this is just a necessary new deception on their parts, as the lies they told pre-election are now revealed and they have to come up with a cover story. “I didn’t lie to you,” they now preach. “Biden lied to me!”

Sure, sure.

And say: Has the allegedly “conservative” Dispatch, co-edited by rancid pharisee David French, yet corrected their lying “fact-check” claiming that Biden was not pro-abortion until the moment of crowning?

No, of course they haven’t. Because they’re con artists, liars, and grifters. They are paid by Democrats to lobby for Democrats under the guise of “conserving conservatism.”

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