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Katherine Timpf:

Princeton University’s HR department has warned against using certain words and phrases with “man” in them, because this kind of language “does not take into consideration individuals who identify as otherwise.”

The “Don’t Use” column of the “Guidelines for Using Gender Inclusive Language” includes language like “mankind,” “freshman,” and, thankfully, that heteronormative transphobic BS phrase “man and wife.”

Now, first of all, let me say that — as a female-identified person — I really am glad to see an Ivy League institution attempt to address the kinds of issues that impact us most. But at the same time, I’ve got to admit that certain things about these guidelines do bother me.

First of all: Their suggestion to replace the word “mankind” with “humanity.” Um, hellooo! The word “humanity” still has “man” in it, and that makes me feel hella triggered. Same goes for their telling people to say “manufactured” instead of “man made.” Yeah, you read that right… manufactured. MANufactured! As if that’s somehow better? Ugh.

But it gets worse: There are many problematic words and phrases that the guide left out entirely. For example: “manna.” I mean, whether we’re talking about bread from heaven or not, that syllable still has no place in a civilized society. And don’t even get me started on that movie The Omen.

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