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For the Deep StateTM and the political class of America, one of the most frustrating things about President Trump is his conspicuous lack of private or secret funding. They cannot fathom a politician without strings attached, without a handler, someone who is not beholden to anyone. Because those are things that they use to control and manipulate each other.

That’s why they had to invent Russian collusion.

That’s why they had to go after his children with fake charges.

That’s why they had to make the laughable accusation that he was somehow connected to and beholden to Jeffrey Epstein.

And on and on and on.

They cannot imagine a politician who is not part of their sleazy, backroom world in which quid pro quo is a fact of life, where money stolen from the American people is funneled from person to person in payment of political debt.

Bernie’s Billionaire: How the Richest Man in Hawaii Funds Bernie’s PR and Opposition Research

That’s just one of thousands of examples…

It is becoming more and more obvious that Donald Trump the man is so fixated on his own independence from everything that he chafes and fights against any hint of control. That was the Democrat’s fatal error in early 2017. As many people have noted in these pages, had they been even marginally collaborative they would have been much more successful in co-opting President Trump. But the instant and visceral attacks against him pushed him and his policies away from the paradigm that has been our government for generations. Did they realize early on that he was uncontrollable by conventional means? Probably. But they have been operating with the same playbook for so long they simply had no idea how to deal with a truly independent man.

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