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Well, it would appear Don McGahn and Don Trump have indeed played the media, left-wing moonbats and the unintelligent GOPe like a Stradivarius.  With bait firmly taken, the trap snaps shut.

Here’s the statement from the White House.


There are two aspects to the Trump executive order. 

  • One aspect pertains to a 120-day pause on Syrian refugees.
  • The second aspect pertains to a 90-day pause on visas for seven countries outlined as “nations of concern” by prior law and Obama’s DHS policy.

These are two distinct and separate aspects to the executive order.  In their thirst to undermine President Trump, both the media and now the GOPe are intentionally conflating the two issues.

Against the reality of President Trump 2017 simply following an almost identical refugee pause process as President Obama in 2011, the media are twisting like pretzels to reconcile how Trump is bad, but Obama is good.

This simply cannot be accidental, and given the release from the White House it most certainly looks like the media was set up to create a crisis where no crisis existed.

  • Toward the first “refugee aspect”. – Now the media have drummed up a totally bizzarro narrative, and empowered the likes of CAIR grievance activists to go full moonbat in the streets.  “what do we want – terrorists, when do we want them – now”, as chanted in LAX airport seems more than a little weird to the majority of voters in the United States who are smart enough to see the pause as diligent and prudent while State Department systems are reevaluated.
  • On the second aspect of the executive order, the 90-day pause on Visa approvals from the seven nations outlined is also prudent and quite simply in line with President Trump’s former campaign promises.

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