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“We have the most killer deal-makers… we never use them, I know many of them… these guys are brutal… hard… and Obama uses Kennedy in Japan, I mean give me a break… we need strength”… “and we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning, and eventually you will say we can’t take all of this winning, …please Mr. Trump …and I will say, NO, we will win, and we will keep on winning”.

~ Donald Trump

Today, via Facebook (<– specifically note this), President-Elect Donald Trump announces more members of his economic team. Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary, Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary, and Todd Ricketts as Deputy Commerce Secretary.

In essence, the Trump economic patriotism platform takes shape with the introduction of a few more key members for the domestic economy dream team.


If you have followed the Trump economic mindset from the beginning, you’ll know exactly what the purpose of each of these players are into the larger scope of domestic capital infusion. Remember, one of the essential elements Trump needs is to create the environment where the best play is domestic, ie. Main Street, investment.

To reverse three decades of economic outsourcing, the investment scales (best return) must tip from Wall Street (global investment) to Main Street (domestic investment), that’s where Mnuchin, Ross and Ricketts come into play. Economic patriotism is leveraged by steering capital investment much like well constructed levies can steer the flow of water.

Forbes is now forecasting over 6% GDP growth. Let that sink in.

“We are going to have an integrated plan and work closely between commerce and treasury to make sure that we drive growth in this country. Our number one priority is sustained 3-4% GDP,” added Mnuchin.

Furthermore, Mnuchin said tax reform would be significant to attaining economic growth and promised the “largest tax change” since Ronald Reagan. This includes cutting the corporate tax rate to 15%, a “big” middle-class income tax cut and simplifying taxes for the wealthy to spur investment. (link)

This team assembly is the dawn of a new era. An era where Main Street Titans, Industrialists and Capitalists –large and small– return to build and reconstruct a blue-collar balanced economy.

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