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In fairness, Biden has been on all sides of most issues and furthermore, he is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s brain death and really can’t be held responsible for what his dying brain might confabulate from moment to moment.
If the press had demanded that Biden offer more during the campaign than his mere “corporeal presence,” and demanded more from him than mere proof of life, maybe we would have avoided having a “president” whose body is clearly in the last months of his life and whose brain checked out years ago.
But they didn’t. They decided:

“Democrats need little from the front-runner beyond his corporeal presence,” Atlantic contributing writer Alex Wagner wrote on Tuesday in a piece titled “Stay Alive, Joe Biden.”

And so here we are, with Biden now deciding he was always against the war in Afghanistan.

During an interview with CBS News Correspondent Rita Braver, Biden brought up Afghanistan, claiming that he opposed the war from the beginning and shifting responsibility for the disastrous withdrawal.”Afghanistan. Well, I’ve been against that war in Afghanistan from the very beginning,” Biden said. “We’re spending $300 million a week in Afghanistan over 20 years.”

Biden’s claim to have opposed the war “from the very beginning” echoed remarks he made in a 2019 interview with the editorial board of New Hampshire’s Seacoast Media Group.
“I’m the guy that – as has been pointed out repeatedly – that thought we should not be going into Afghanistan,” he said at the time.
Biden did not oppose the invasion of Afghanistan, however. Then a senator from Delaware, he joined his colleagues in a unanimous vote in support of the 2001 authorization of military force against “nations, organizations, or persons” that then-President George W. Bush determined to have helped perpetrate the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
Biden has repeatedly touted his opposition to then-President Barack Obama’s “surge” of additional troops into Afghanistan when Biden was vice president in 2009. That opposition, however, does not amount to Biden having been “against that war … from the very beginning.”

He also, of course, supported Obama’s prosecution of the war in Afghanistan. He did not publicly break with Obama and demand a withdrawal.
Now did he?
Did he forget that Obama talked tough about “winning the War of Necessity Afghanistan” while getting out of the “War of Choice” in Iraq, and that Biden supported him, as Vice President?
Of course he forgot all that.
But all we need is his corporeal presence, right?
Say, how scared do you imagine China is of us right now?
He made these claims in defending his botched bug-out, claiming that the thirteen servicemen’s deaths he caused were “inevitable.”

Which they weren’t. He caused this chaos and mayhem.

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