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by Scott McKay

It’s hard to single out just one thing which came out of the Biden administration this past week which best illustrates how transformationally awful it is.
We’ll have to settle on two of them, which together made up a one-two punch to the gut of American morale.
First was his hyperbolic bromide against MAGA/revivalist conservatism. The president, showing off his status as a thoroughgoing nincompoop, thought it would be a good idea to verbally assault some 75 million Americans by predicting that since “this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history,” that red-state legislatures will pass laws segregating gay and “trans” kids from their classmates in schools.
No, Joe. Maybe just the bathrooms, though — there seem to be fewer rapes that way.
That was the shot. The chaser was a day later, when after several Supreme Court justices were set upon by angry mobs protesting at their residences and a speaking engagement scheduled for Associate Justice Samuel Alito, the author of the draft majority opinion in the Dobbs case, had to be canceled due to violent threats, the administration refused to condemn the behavior of the pro-abortion extremists.
No, seriously. Just after calling the MAGA crowd the most extreme group we’ve ever had, more so than the anarcho-communists who shot multiple presidents, the KKK, the Weather Underground, the Heaven’s Gate nuts, the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Black Panthers, the Black Hebrew Israelite kooks and the Jim Jones/People’s Temple kool-aid drinkers, Team Biden all but endorsed political violence on members of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Here’s how that went

After Biden earlier in the week called Trump supporters the “most extreme political organization that’s existed” in recent U.S. history, Fox News’ Peter Doocy wanted to know what the president thought of one liberal activist group releasing a map of the homes of Supreme Court justices for a “walk-by Wednesday” demonstration.
Are those progressive activists “extreme”? Doocy asked.
“Peaceful protest? No. Peaceful protests are not extreme,” Psaki said flatly.
“I think the president’s view is there’s a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across the country about what they saw in that document,” she said.
What does Biden think of vandalism already occurring against one Catholic church in Colorado? Boulder’s Sacred Heart of Mary church had “my body, my choice” scrawled across its front doors in spray paint earlier this week. “We don’t condone vandalism,” she replied blandly without aggressively denouncing it.

So first call half the electorate the worst extremists in history, then fail to call out provable extremism leading to vandalism and the prospect of assassination. By the way, it’s a federal crime to harass a judge for the purpose of attempting to influence his or her decision.
And given the mounting threat of violence against the Supreme Court the leak of Alito’s Dobbs majority opinion has produced, and the wink and the nod Jen Psaki gave to the animals propagating that threat, there can be no further justification for Chief Justice John Roberts not pushing the decision final. It’s a security issue at this point, and if the president and his allies in congressional leadership refuse to support at least the concept of judicial integrity and enforcing federal law, then Roberts’ obligation is to protect his people by publishing the Dobbs decision post haste.
But while all of this is outrageous, if you’re one of the MAGA/revivalist types Joe Biden was barking about this past week you shouldn’t be outraged.

You ought to be encouraged.
Let’s remember something. Joe Biden isn’t the leader of the country. Joe Biden is more like a talking potato. That’s why I’m calling him POTATUS now. Joe Biden is Ron Burgundy. He says whatever is on his cheat-sheet flash cards or his teleprompter.
He isn’t capable of reasoned, intelligent speech. At his best he was one of the dumbest, shallowest members of the U.S. Senate; Biden said what he was told to say by the people who paid him and by his political advisors. He never had much in the way of independent thought, which is why he was constantly caught plagiarizing others’ speeches when he wasn’t engaging in whiplash-inducing reversals of his positions. Joe Biden has always been a dim bulb, and that was before his cognition went into sleep mode.
It’s the people who load that teleprompter and hand him those flash cards who matter. Jill Biden, Ron Klain, Susan Rice — whoever the monsters behind the curtain are, those are the ones who are actually doing the talking.
And while they might couch Biden’s words in terms of the MAGA crowd being dangerous to America, that isn’t what they’re really saying. Because they couldn’t give a tinker’s damn about America. If they did they’d shut down the border and at least keep the fentanyl out.
What they care about is their power. So when they screech about the revivalists or Trumpists, or MAGA people, what they’re saying is they’re afraid of the new and emerging majority within the GOP which has had it with Bill Cassidy/Mitt Romney Stupid Party Bush Republicanism and is willing to go on offense to whip them in the elections to come.

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