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Rioters in Portland, Oregon, brought a guillotine to a violent demonstration overnight Saturday into Sunday, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

“Someone rolled a mock guillotine with a stuffed bear into the street (photo). The bear and multiple U.S. flags were burned. Paint balloons were launched at officers, as well as green lasers,” the police said in a press statement early Sunday morning.

It was only the latest provocation after riots that began during the day and lasted through the night.

Earlier in the day, there were violent clashes and battles with pepper spray between left-wing Antifa and the right-wing Proud Boys in the streets of the city. Police lacked the resources to intervene — but the National Guard was not called.

Left-wing rioters targeted police with projectiles, including rocks and balloons filled with feces, according to police:

Another riot later took place, according to police, in which projectiles and rocks were again launched at police:

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