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While the mainstream media continues to depict President Donald Trump as an authoritarian leader hungry for power and not worthy of the presidency, polling reveals Trump’s approval rating is better than his predecessor’s was during the same period in his first term.

As Howard Kurt at Fox News noted, it’s “hardly the statistic you’d expect from someone on the verge of political oblivion.”

According to the latest Fox News poll, 45 percent of approve of Trump’s performance, while just 51 percent disapprove. In April, Trump received 44 percent approval. Meanwhile, Rasmussen, which tracks Trump’s daily approval, found Trump’s approval between 47-49 percent last week.

No matter how you slice it, the numbers show more Americans approve of Trump’s job performance than they did former President Barack Obama’s during the same time period in Obama’s first term.

Rasmussen numbers show that Obama’s approval bottomed out at 41 percent in June 2010.

Even Trump’s disapproval numbers are better than Obama’s during the same time. According to Rasmussen, Obama’s disapproval numbers averaged 54-57 percent in June 2010.

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