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Doug Ross:

Some hack named Walter Shapiro, using the time-tested approach of quoting “anonymous” GOP operatives, suggests that the Romney-Ryan campaign is losing Ohio and doing so in spectacular fashion. Check out this bit of nonsense, the rock-hard kernel of stupidity at the heart of the story.

Maybe Romney isn’t down by 10 points, they argue, but the GOP presidential nominee seems destined to lose by a solid 5 points – and in closely divided Ohio that represents a loss of nearly landslide proportions. (That would mean that Obama would slightly improve his 2008 victory margin against John McCain.)

Never mind that the most accurate poll — Rasmussen’s — has the Ohio race locked in a virtual tie. Shapiro’s absurd “reporting” was eagerly marketed by the usual propagandists — including Taegan Goddard and Doug Mataconis — as pure gospel.

Now stop and consider just how deranged your thought processes have to be in order to believe this rubbish:

• Tea Party: you have to believe that the Tea Party never organized or simply disappeared into thin air

• The Debt: you have to believe that Obama’s act of adding $6 trillion — 60 percent — to the national debt, which has resulted in the country’s first credit downgrade, is wildly popular

• Unemployment: you have to believe that Obama’s horrific unemployment record is a winning one

• 2010: you have to believe that the 2010 tidal wave election never happened

• Obamacare: you have to believe that spiking health care premiums and a huge number of employers who are dropping coverage have somehow transformed the Statists’ health care takeover into a program beloved by the citizenry

• Foreign Policy: you have to believe that Obama’s bizarre handling of the Middle East, now aflame, is popular

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