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And yet nearly 100% of the media, the GOP establishment, and the conservative intellectual class found them “racist.”

So what can we determine based on this?

Well, here are the possibilities:

1. That the media, the GOP establishment, and the conservative intellectual class are simply better — smarter, more perceptive, more moral — than the stupid fucking American voters they hover above on their gossamer thrones of cloudwisp and starshine.

2. That the media, GOP establishment, and conservative intellectual class share similar cultural/class inputs which lead them to think in exactly the same way, and the lack of intellectual diversity among them tends to make them miss things that other people know, and furthermore, their intellectual insularity — forever talking only to each other, and carefully curating out of their timelines anyone from any different sort of background — then hardens them in their unchallenged opinion.

For example, Ginch Bangwell (Kurt Schlichter), who is a practicing lawyer, said the first thing every lawyer does when he gets a judge assigned to a case is check his background, including who appointed him and even (boo! hiss!) his racial, class, cultural, and professional background (was he a DA, or a defense attorney, or a corporate type, or public interest lawyer, etc.) And then any lawyer who doesn’t want to be ejected from the profession for malpractice tailors his arguments, and weighs the odds of victory, according to those back-of-the-envelope psychometric calculations.

But, to hear the professional middle class/media/conservative intellectual class tell it, such calculations and guesses are wholly inappropriate and are textbook racism and no one who is involved in a legal matter should ever make guesses about judge behavior based on “profiling.”

Or, as a commenter put it here: Certainly, it is not the case that every prosecutor tries to stirke as many black women from a jury as the constitution will permit, and every defense attorney definitely does not try to strike every middle-aged white man from the jury.

I mean — it’s ideologically forbidden. And Theory is all that matters in the real world.

Theory’s all that matters, guys. And certainly an Intellectual Class should be proud and evenarrogant about its utter lack of contact with the real world.


Unchallenged unanimity of opinion is healthy in any intellectual tradition!

Once upon a time, conservatives prided themselves on being more practically-minded than their ideologically-possessed liberal brethren. They’d roll their eyes at the most strident, Strong Form, Politically Correct and Pure claims about the absolute inappropriateness ofever taking race or background into account — whether choosing who to give additional screenings to on TSA lines, or who to pat down for contraband or guns, or even who to cross the street to avoid late at night.

No more. The conservative intellectual class has now embraced the most airy-fairy disconnected-from-any-tangible-reality Strong Form of political correctness long urged by the left, and it all took to get them to agree to this was to have it be momentarily convenient in making the case against Trump.

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