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Politico spins Trump’s success as Trump’s coming failure.

Coronavirus infections are down in nearly every state. That could either give President Donald Trump just what he needs to prime his reelection odds or become another missed opportunity to capitalize on a lull during the pandemic.

The positive trends are real. Covid-19 cases have been falling since late July, including in several battleground states. Hospitalizations have dropped 37 percent in the last month and the daily death count is leveling off.

But that doesn’t mean the pandemic is over, even if Trump and his team portray it that way.

The circumstances create a moment to reinforce public health measures like testing, tracing and social distancing that could finally bring the outbreak to more manageable proportions, while the world waits for a vaccine or new treatments.

Another Political article talks about the “peril” that plummeting infection rates pose for Trump.

They decide to, um, prove that falling infection rates are just a mirage — by rebutting actual, real current numbers with… more “models” about the future:

Morgan Stanley projects at least 6.5 million U.S. infections by October, and the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation on Thursday predicted more than 260,000 people could be dead from the virus by Election Day, a 44 percent increase from current levels.

Politico then attempts to blame Trump for the fact that people can’t return to their normal lives — despite the fact that Trump is the one fighting for a return to normalcy, and Poltico’s political allies and sources and leakers are the ones fighting to keep life as miserable as possible:

Trump’s focus on schools also suggests that the White House knows declining infection numbers aren’t enough.

All the surveys show people are still frustrated they can’t return to their normal lives, said Robert Blendon, director of the Harvard Opinion Research Program.

“He wouldn’t be fighting so hard to make the schools open if he thought the [infection] numbers were enough,” he said. “It’s very measurable in people’s lives. The president can’t spin it.”

Democrats and their client groups, like teachers’ unions, are the ones fighting to keep life abnormal, but Trump “can’t spin” the abnormality of current life?

I think someone’s spinning here, but it’s not Trump.

And up to 90% of the “covid cases” we have are so minor, so low in “viral load,” that the person showing the infection does not even need to be isolated, because he just doesn’t have enough virus in him to spread it.

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