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By Steve McCann

Among the more famous quotations by Mao Zedong is: “All political power comes from the barrel of the gun.”  However, Mao got that wrong as in the United States circa 2022 political blackmail in the hands of progressives – really, American Marxists — is a much more effective tool than the gun.
Less than seven percent of American voters identify as being “very liberal”.  Yet, thanks to the unbridled use of political blackmail, they have set the agenda since 2009.  Additionally, by virtue of these tactics they are also in de facto control not only of the Democrat party but the legacy media, the education establishment, social media, and the universities.  In 2021 they achieved a major milestone: absolute dominion over the Office of President of the United States.
Vladimir Lenin, one of the icons of the American Marxists, defined modern political blackmail as follows:

Political blackmail is the threat of exposing, or the actual exposure, of true, but more often invented, “stories” with the aim of causing an opponent political damage, of slandering him, of depriving him of the possibility of engaging in political activity, or of making it difficult for him.

Lenin neglected to note that in the modern era successful political blackmail is wholly dependent on the blackmailer either controlling or being in league with a compliant national media.  Further, there are both overt and subtle modes in American Marxist political blackmail.
After decades long stealth infiltration, by the late 1990’s a significant percentage of the legacy media was populated by the disciples of and apologists for the radical left.  Following the guidelines set out by Lenin, the never-ending search for and fabrication of “stories” about their political opponents took on a new ferocity and determination unlike any other period in American history.  In other words, the overt mode of political blackmail.
In a corollary to Lenin’s guidelines, any stories about the iniquities or malfeasance of their apologists or their acolytes were suppressed as a means of coercing these compatriots into promoting the Marxist/socialist agenda and, more importantly, from straying off the reservation.  Thus, the subtle mode of political blackmail.
After the turn of the century a new tactic, thanks to a new technology, evolved with the same objective of destroying or marginalizing political opponents.  The oblivious and propagandized foot soldiers and their mentors began using the massive reach of social media to not only regurgitate the invented “stories” in the legacy media but to blatantly and falsely accuse others of various societal sins.  They defamed endlessly and falsely anyone with the temerity to disagree with the radical left and their Marxist/socialist agenda as being irredeemable racists, white supremacists, transphobes, misogynists, homophobes, and insurrectionists.  Thus, forcing the accused to defend themselves against specious and spurious charges further amplifying and lending credence to the original accusations.
This tactic also served as a not-so-subtle threat to their apologists and acolytes that they too will be subject to this same verbal abuse and potential societal ostracization if they stray off the reservation.
A recent example is the confirmation hearing for Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson wherein she claimed she could not define what a woman is.  She knows what defines a woman.  But as a confederate of the radical left, she demurred from answering out of fear of retribution amid accusations of being transphobic.
No recent example of political blackmail has been as successful as the threat of unleashing the wolves (i.e., the legacy and social media) against a certain high-ranking unprincipled political figure: Joe Biden.  A man who is delusionally fixated on his legacy and whose purported sins of accepting bribes and leveraging his previous offices for his personal and family benefit are known by a substantial segment of the citizenry.
That is why Joe Biden, a man without character or any core beliefs, is unabashedly pushing an extreme left-wing agenda regardless of the long-term damage to the country.  As long as he does so, all the stories about his and his family’s duplicitous behavior will continue to be suppressed.  Thus, he will never reverse course and he will continue to be the compliant scapegoat for all of the ongoing failures.

The mad scramble by the legacy and social media to obfuscate and hide the egregious contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop while continuously downplaying Joe Biden’s obvious incapacity and personal failings confirms not only their complicity but the reality of ongoing political blackmail.
The citizenry will know when he is becoming too great an embarrassment or is no longer useful to the Progressives’ cause. Innumerable stories and revelations about his past will begin to appear in the legacy media and highlighted on the social media platforms controlled by the Silicon Valley plutocrats.
As long the American Marxists are in de facto control of Congress, the Justice Department and has both the social and legacy media in tow, they can continue their transformation of America and the charade of propping up their ventriloquist dummy.  They are also secure in the knowledge that there is another ventriloquist dummy, Kamala Harris, waiting in the wings who will also never stray from the reservation.
Venality on the part of Joe Biden has placed not only him but also the United States in the position of being extorted by  nations that have long utilized political blackmail against domestic and foreign opponents and who, not coincidentally, bribed his son and family.
The devastating state of America’s foreign policy, the unabashed obeisance to Iran, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the increasing belligerence by China raise the valid question: to what degree has his acquiescence to being blackmailed precipitated these actions?

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