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A shocking photo and video of the moments before an antifa “security” officer allegedly murdered a supporter of President Trump show that the killer was stalking his victim, according to Portland police.

The all-but-admitted killer, 48-year-old Michael Reinoehl, was shot to death Thursday night, just five days after the murder, by state and federal law enforcement officers who tracked him to Lacey, Washington. According to charging documents that were unsealed on Friday, Portland police would have charged the admitted antifa supporter with second-degree murder and a gun charge.

Aaron “Jay” Danielson was shot at point-blank range shortly after the conclusion of a downtown Portland car convoy supporting President Trump. Danielson was walking with Chandler Pappas, who said right after the killing that it was nothing less than an execution.

The Oregonian reports that the arrest warrant for Reinoehl claims the killer hid and waited for his prey.

Reinoehl is seen hiding in an alcove of the garage and reaching into a pouch or waistband as Danielson and a friend, Chandler Pappas, walk south on Third Avenue.

Homicide Detective Rico Beniga wrote that Reinoehl “conceals himself, waits and watches” as Danielson and Pappas pass him.

After the two men go by, Reinoehl followed them, walking west across the street moments before the gunshots were fired, police said.

Investigators said it appeared as if Reinoehl stood holding his gun with both hands extended when he fired. After the shots, his right hand remained extended and pointed at Danielson before he turned to run away, police said.

Both Danielson and Pappas were wearing Patriot Prayer hats, signifying their support of the right-wing group based in Vancouver.

Here’s the photo that shows the antifa “security” guard, Reinoehl, waiting and watching.

The shooting was caught on video by Justin Dunlap, a lighting technician for the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall located near where the shooting happened. Dunlap told The Oregonian that he’d been filming the riots to help the “noble endeavor” of Black Lives Matter while the concert venue has been closed for COVID-19.

Dunlap’s video shows him unwittingly shadowing the steps of the killer on his live-stream. Dunlap remains surprisingly calm during the incident, though he does seem bothered by the noxious spray apparently emitted by the victim before the shooting. He later says on his live-stream that he’s “totally in shock right now.”

One YouTuber did an analysis of the video, which he claims shows antifa creating a kill zone for the shooting with the aid of vehicles and a “narrative” and “medic” team, which they believe tampered with the murder scene. Police shooed away the self-appointed antifa medics the second they arrived on the scene. It is clear from the photo, however, that the suspect was lying in wait for his victim.

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