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Matt Walsh:

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The fourth Planned Parenthood video has been released. It’s the worst so far. A few quick points about it:

1) This footage features the Savita Ginde, the VP of a massive Planned Parenthood abortuary. In the video, she explicitly details how the selling of baby parts must be coordinated with the other clinics, so that they “have their stories straight” in case “they get caught.” She conspires to file the transaction under “research,” and explains that she “doesn’t want to get called on selling fetal parts across states.”

She also, like the serial killers from the other videos, directly states that abortion procedures are changed to preserve specimens for sale. This, along with selling them, is a violation of federal law.

There is just no question at all that Planned Parenthood has been caught breaking the law. We have executives on video literally describing how they break the law, and now saying that they’re afraid they’ll get caught. What else do you need? How can any conscious person watch these videos, listen to people plainly and clearly outline how they are breaking the law, but come away reassured that nobody is breaking the law?

Planned Parenthood executives: “Here’s a five step outline of how we break the law…”

Planned Parenthood sycophant: “See! I told you they aren’t breaking the law!”

Planned Parenthood apologists are staring at a brick wall and telling us there isn’t a brick wall. But of course they’ve been doing that for forty years. The only difference is that now they’re slamming their heads into the wall and still telling us the wall isn’t there. The level of intellectual dishonesty is almost superhuman at this point. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

2) The second part of the video shows Ginde dissecting an unborn child. She laughs and jokes throughout the process, and makes light of it as the camera catches the sound of a skull being cracked open by a knife. She talks about the different organs they can extract from the babies, saying often the brains come out intact. She then says they like to sell the parts individually because that way they can “see how much [money] they can get out of it.”

At the end, a Planned Parenthood tech is sifting through the severed parts, apparently notices the child’s reproductive organs, and shouts gleefully, “it’s a boy!”

Everything I just described should enrage you. If it does not — if that dead lion ticks you off more than Planned Parenthood butchers laughing over a vat of dismembered baby limbs — you are a deeply disturbed and troubled person.

3) The most damning part of the video, if you can really call one part more damning then the other, is when Ginde explains how sometimes the patient “delivers before we get to see them for the procedure,” in which case the baby “is intact.” Do you know what that means? It means sometimes they baby is born alive, and then killed and harvested. That’s what it means. It can’t mean anything else.

Look, if you are still on Planned Parenthood’s side, there is no debating anymore. You have chosen to ignore or deny the indisputable reality of the situation. I want to make it clear that I do blame you for this, and I hold you complicit. Enough of deflecting the blame to institutions and government bodies and so forth. Sure, the abortion industry and the government deserve all the blame in the world, but I’m tired of people letting the average pro-choice Planned Parenthood sympathizer off the hook.

You people are adults. You have brains, unlike the babies whose brains are sucked out and sold for profit. You have souls. You have the ability to understand simple moral concepts. Now put those capacities to work. Wake up. No more excuses. This is a moment in history where either you are right or you are wrong, and it is just not OK to be wrong about this. It’s not OK.

And you are definitely wrong. One hundred percent. Black and white. Absolute. You’re not even a little bit right. There isn’t even a glimmer of rightness in your position. You are totally and indefensibly wrong, and you should be profoundly ashamed of yourself. I love you and I pray for you, but I am very angry at you. You are whistling past the concentration camp, pretending you can’t smell the burning flesh, and I, for one, am done letting you off the hook for it. Get it together, alright?

4) The people that filmed these videos are heroes. They didn’t break any law, but I wouldn’t care if they did. Nobody has a God given right to privacy while they murder children. They forfeit that right. This group acted legally as investigative journalists, but laws that aid in the murder of children are not legitimate anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

These people are absolute heroes and warriors for life and liberty. They have done something incredible here, and I thank God for them.

Video here

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