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Allahpundit @ Hot Air:

Via News Busters, the media id unleashed. Your companion reading for this clip is Byron York’s piece about cable-news sanctimony over gun control this week, and not just from the prime-time commentators either. Says York:

Why such open advocacy? What seems to have happened is that some journalists have assumed that since everyone is horrified by what happened in Newtown, everyone should also be united on what should be done about it, and that what should be done is the imposition of more stringent gun control measures. Guests who disagree can be in for a very public scolding.

I think it’s less them wanting people to be united than enjoying a temporary license to yell at the sort of people they wish they could yell at every day. Under normal circumstances, you can’t be as big of a jackhole to your guests as Morgan is here; “professionalism” requires some basic measure of civility. But with the public grieving over 20 children shot dead, you’re momentarily free to be as big of a jackhole as you want in the name of “passion” and outrage over what happened. A big part of the Do Something impulse comes from the guilt and impotence people naturally feel over having failed to protect those kids. One way to temper those feelings is to endorse broad gun-control measures, no matter how many innocent gun owners would be affected by them and how few would-be rampage killers would be deterred. The angrier you are, the more aggressive the policy response that you endorse, the more you supposedly care. Another way is to scream at or, in extreme cases, even threaten gun-rights advocates. We can’t kill Adam Lanza but maybe we can at least intimidate the sort of people who’d defend his right to carry a gun. Even though no one’s defending Adam Lanza’s right to carry a gun.

Anyway, three polls for you this afternoon. The one that’s getting attention is CNN’s because it’s the one that’s most useful to the left. And yet it’s still not very useful:

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