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A key point of reference is ABC reporter Kendall Karson revealing the DNC came in and took over the tabulations of the Iowa Caucus result prior to this release. One Democratic official I spoke to is being told that the DNC is “taking over” the accounting of results. The official said this that to their knowledge, this has never happened before.” (link)

This is important because it highlights that The Club decided what partial results, from what locations, showing what outcomes, the Club wants to put forth.  Put another way, the DNC is releasing a specific 62% of the result to generate a specific Iowa narrative.

So what did they release:

[Data Source w/ 62% reporting]
Again, notice how all Club needs are met with this release.

Pete Buttigieg is proclaimed the winner (so far). This is narrative engineering that allows the promotion of Buttigieg and the diminishment of Bernie.  Undermining Bernie is the paramount Club goal here.  Buttigieg did not win the popular vote, and he will not likely be the final winner, but selecting this specific sub-set of votes allows a narrative to cement.

Next, notice how Joe Biden is propped up above the 15 percent threshold.  This makes it appear that Biden will receive delegates.  He may or may not; but for the narrative, propping up Biden is again a necessary club objective.

The dynamic to watch how Biden -vs- Sanders is played out and controlled.  The Club needs to diminish Bernie and hide the collapse of Biden.   The framework is to create a viable “Never Sanders” alternative?

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