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Thread by @Ayei_Eloheichem

Pentagon on #IRGC rocket attacks: “If and when it’s appropriate to respond, we’ll do so at a time and a place and in a manner of our choosing and certainly in consultation with our Iraqi partners.”

In other words, it’s open season for #Iran.

So nothing has changed.

Pentagon again implies that there are NO red lines in the Middle East for #Iran, INCLUDING killing Americans.

They implied this last week, as well

It just gets worse and worse:

Asked why the US a week later hasn’t attributed #Erbil attack, DOD says there’s no US investigation.

“It’s an investigation that is being conducted by our Iraqi partners. The Secretary offered to help them with that and it was a sincere offer.”

Holy god:

Asked about #Houthi offensive against #Marib and whether the US would militarily intervene, DOD says “Our military operations in Yemen are designed to go after #ISIS. It’s a counter-ISIS mission.”

False – it’s to go after #AQAP. But their brains are on autopilot.

For more on the dubious presence and activities of Islamic State in #Yemen, see below. Just a truly incredible answer by the Pentagon.

ISIS in Yemen: Caught in a Regional Power Game

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