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Sounds like MSNBC, on Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated she was “satisfied” with the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee former Vice President quid pro quo Joe Biden’s denial of the sexual assault allegations from former office employee Tara Reade.

Ari Melber inquired, “Final question on a different issue as you know there was an accusation of misconduct against Joe Biden. He’s publicly denied it. He’s the Democratic nominee. Are you satisfied with his answer?”

Pelosi said, “Yes, I am. I’m very much involved in this issue. I always want to give the opportunity that women deserve to be heard. I am satisfied with his answer, yes.”

Here she is saying the allegations are not disqualifying for Biden running for president, even though she once said Brett Kavanaugh should be disqualified from being on the US Supreme Court.

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