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Basking in another contentious coronavirus White House press briefing, PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor on Sunday night told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi that covering Donald Trump is a “team sport” for the press and that journalists must “have each other’s back” in opposition to the President. Much of the interview was spent lamenting that Alcindor only initially got one question out at the briefing before a CNN journalist used his question to allow her to ask another.

Speaking of Jeremy Diamond, she described the team dynamic as journalists vs. Trump: “I have to say thank you to Jeremy of CNN for giving me the opportunity to ask my second question. We know now that covering President Trump sometimes is like a team sport. We have to have each other’s back in the press corps and Jeremy had my back today.”

In a way, it’s refreshing for a reporter to admit that they see themselves as on the opposite team of Trump. Alcindor chided the President for moving back his estimates for opening up the country. She continued:

So he’s been telling people, the country, churches should be packed by Easter Sunday and today he had to admit, “Actually I have to extend my guidelines to April 30th.” And, of course, my question was about the fact that he’s been saying repeatedly that governors don’t need the medical equipment that they’re requesting, specifically saying New York doesn’t need 30 to 40,000 ventilators. Of course, the President lashed out.

Alcindor described her role as a reporter this way: “Stay forward, stay focused, be steady and continue do the job you were there to do. For me it’s a journalist, to hold presidents accountable and that’s what I did today.”

Of course, she’s rushed to the defense of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, so maybe this doesn’t apply to all politicians. For more on Alcindor’s back and forth with Trump on Tuesday, go here.

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