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by Ace

Hey guys remember when NeverTrump foisted this sexually-assaulting demented clown on us to save us from all of Trump’s Remorseless Lies (TM)?
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Joe Cunningham at RedState thinks he knows why Biden is pushing this insane lie: Because Joe Manchin is refusing to vote for it based on its cost and so Biden and all of his puppeteers are repeating “Hur-dur, akshually, it costs zero point zero zero dollars, hur-dur.”

It’s because Senator Joe Manchin has repeatedly brought up the cost in his public statements. Manchin’s constituents don’t want this much spending, so the rest of the party are rolling out this PR campaign in order to convince one state that it’s cool and their Senator should get on board.It’s not going to work out, though, because no one is actually falling for it.
For weeks, we have heard what the bill will cost. We have heard what it will pay for. We know it’s going to cost something, but the Biden administration and the Democrats are out there trying to say it will have net zero costs. They are using a little creative wordplay to hide what they have been loudly proclaiming up until now: They are going to raise your taxes.

Oh the tax increases don’t even begin to cover this massive spending.

You will not be very surprised to hear that Washington Post “journalists” are already chanting the DNC religious devotional hymn.

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