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File this one as yet another instance in which the liberal media took President Trump’s bait, hook, line, and sinker, launching into apocalyptic meltdowns and illustrating for the American public how, for those on the right not in The Resistance, they’re the opposition party.

On Thursday afternoon, CNN suffered a network-wide meltdown over Trump’s letter canceling Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s overseas trip less than an hour before take-off, calling the President a “childish” and “cranky” schoolboy who’s only concerned about “pure politics.”

Surprising no one, carnival barker and chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta led the way, telling activist and pro-Pelosi host Brooke Baldwin that “our nation’s capital has official become a playground”because “[t]he President has responded in sort of a childish way is the only way to describe it to the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to her letter essentially saying that the State of the Union will be postponed.” 

Acosta added in a jab to Press Secretary Sarah Sanders that she tweeted the letter out “in lieu of having actual briefings.”

He went on to read excerpts from the letter and noted that it doesn’t include a response to Pelosi’s attempt to stop the State of the Union address to what she claimed were lapses in security due to the government shutdown.

Acosta continued:

Going later to chief political analyst Gloria Borger, Baldwin hailed Acosta’s rhetoric: “I’m still kinda back on Jim Acosta referring to Washington as a playground. The only phrase that comes to mind is nanny-nanny-boo-boo.”

Borger agreed, equating it to Trump telling Pelosi to “get out of the sandbox” and stating that, for her, “[t]he wording in this is incredible to me because it is this kind of dumb tit for tat thing.”

She also expressed anger with Trump calling Pelosi’s trip “an excursion” because “[t]his is not an excursion to the beach” but instead “a war zone.”

Like good liberal activists, Baldwin and Borger went on:

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